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Learn how to do Affiliate Marketing

The Wealthy Affiliate [Learning & Earning Online Education Platform] has been a work in progress for over 13 years now [est. 2005] and was founded by Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim. They met and became friends while attending University in British Columbia and then forged a lifelong business partner relationship to Create Wealthy Affiliate as Co-Founders.

They have created and established a very successful platform that is based on the following four foundations:

1. Anyone can achieve success online

2. Anything NEW can seem overwhelming at first

3. No Technical or Business Experience you just have follow the lessons.

4. Success is a Journey that takes time and dedication.

Getting started with The Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project is easy and is also completely free. No Credit Card or Payment Information is required. ‘

The program teaches you how to develop and execute the fundamentals and specializations that are required to create, develop and sustain a successful business online. It actually is “The Real Deal.”

Wealthy Affiliate, also offers a one tier Direct Referral Affiliate Program that is one of the most generous in the industry with up to 50% commissions. Google “Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp” and read the hundreds of reviews. “We Learn by Doing” first ‘Learn’ and then remove the ‘L’ is the general consensus and motto.  You can stay as a Free Member for as long as you like and you will always be welcome, but, Premium Membership has its rewards, privileges and advantages.

Promote your own products, promote the products from others or promote Wealthy Affiliate itself. All the options work very well and are proven. The Wealthy Affiliate team have been creating success stories since 2005 with over 1 Million members that have already been served.

Who will benefit most from this program? Those that want to first ‘Learn.’ Background does not matter. All you need is a Desk Top, or a Laptop and a reliable Internet connection. And yes, you need to budget about $400.00 (actually less and will never change) per year to take full advantage of your success online. Where else establish a full time income for so little.

Is it hard to do?  Yes, if you do not follow the step-by-step guidance.  How long before I am Rich?

It depends. If you comprehend the training and take action on it, you can put yourself in a positive cash flow situation almost immediately to cover the cost of your business without worry forever moving forward with Wealthy Affiliate which is continually updated to keep up with Google, Yahoo and Micro-Soft.

After you establish your web site, your goal will be to make 4 figures per month, then 5, then 6, maybe even seven. You have to make the program work for you and that requires dedication and consistency.

Do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate? YES! But you’re on line success is completely up to you. It takes time and effort.

Click  the banner in the upper right corner of this page to join and me and thousands of like-minded members will welcome you and give you the help you need to be successful.