Several years ago I wrote some programs in D-Base which I used in my real estate business.  It never occurred to me at the time that I should learn how to develop web sites. 

Six years ago, I suffered a bad accident at age 80 which put me in rehabilitation for several weeks.  The accident was a wake-up call that I might need to slow down.

Being in rehabilitation I had a lot of time on hand.  I got my wife to buy me a lap top computer and begin exploring ways to make money on line.

Right away I found the perfect place to learn internet marketing.  The person selling the program showed a picture of his Citation Jet and his mansion.  He had a video showing how you could sign up and instantly start earning money.  The full training only cost $375.00 – one time.  I signed up for it and never made a dime.

Then there was this independent marketer who offered to mentor me for $50.00 per month.  He said you could sell Amazon and one ad could make you as much as $3,000.00 in commission.  Gave an example of how he placed an ad on his web site and got interested in something else but after a year he logged on to Amazon and found that the were holding $3,000.00 is sales commissions.  It did not take long for me to realize that his way of making money was the monthly fee he was collecting.

I was very susceptible to all these get rich quick presentations. And after investing time and money I had almost given up on trying to make money on line.  However, my nature is “never give up” so I continued to look, but with much caution.

I ran across this site titled Wealthy Affiliate.  The name Wealthy kind of made me wary of the program, but it advertised that you could join free – no credit card needed. I took a stab at it and found two of the most honorable people I have ever encountered owned this site. 

These two young men met in college and started working together to develop a program to teach ever day people, with no experience, how to develop a professional web site that could be used for any purpose.  This program, Wealthy Affiliate, has been in operation for 14 years and presently has a membership of over 1,000,000 who range from newbies to webmasters with years of experience.

Kyle and Carson, the co-founders run a tight ship.  They do not promote or allow any kind of spam.  They have a full-service program that I feel is equal to college education in web site design.  They keep abreast of what is required to get site traffic and offer it freely to their members in well-designed video courses.  The members contribute to the program by blogging about their success and offering help to other members.