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Help With College


So you have a teenager who goes to high school this year.  You plan on helping him or her to do four years of college and possibly a master’s or even a doctor’s degree.  You have saved for the occasion but` cost continue to rise each year.

Your teen will probably be taking computer science in high school which will give a good background in college.  The thing that is usually missing from the high school course is how to start an internet business.

For the last two years I have been affiliated with a web based company known as Wealthy Affiliates.  I discovered them after some bad experiences with different web programs that promised to show you how to get rich quick on line. Wealthy Affiliates makes no claim to instant riches but does teach one how to form a solid base for an internet business that will produce an income using just your computer.

My mission here is to encourage you to join Wealthy Affiliates and help your senior high student learn affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliates has a free program which you can join and enjoy all membership privileges for 7 days.

After 7 days you are offered the first month’s membership for $28.00.  The premium membership is $47.00 per month thereafter. If you pay annually the membership is $390.00 per year. If one follows the training and puts it to work one can earn enough income to pay monthly membership dues and college tuition.  The membership includes hosting 20 web sites.

I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliates for two year and find that the cost is more than reasonable.  The courses are all encompassing and are presented in video and text format.   If one works at learning the lessons and putting them into practice they can easily pay the membership. The knowledge gained at Wealthy Affiliates will help your son or daughter lead a successful life.

There are college students on line who are making a regular income and paying their college tuition through affiliate marketing. Bill Gates even dropped out of Harvard before graduation to promote what eventually became Microsoft.  I think he is now the richest man in the USA.

The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to have a building, you don’t have to have any merchandise, do any shipping or billing. You simply sell someone else’s merchandise on your web site. WA (as it is commonly known) makes their income selling their membership.  As a member you can become a sales affiliate for WA and earn a commission.

Visit Wealthy Affiliates now.  Sign up for the free program and see what you think.  No credit card needed and there is absolutely no up sell or any type of hype involved. You will not be put on some kind of mailing list or pestered with phone contacts.

I hope I have held your interest to this point.  I personally promise you, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by  trying their free program. If you don’t like what you see, nothing lost, just simply not sign back in.

Friend, please be advised that if you sign up for Wealthy Affiliates and join their paid membership program  through I will make a commission.

Never Too Young

You are never too young to think about creating a passive income. Bill Gates learned computer language at a very young age. He is presently the richest man in the world. He dropped out of Harvard during his sophomore year to create what would eventually be Micro-soft.

Mark Zuckerberg, with his roommate at Harvard, created a program that would eventually evolve into Facebook. Facebook is currently the largest social media in the world and Zuckerberg, at a very young age, is one of the richest men in America.

The best site for creating passive income that I have investigated is Wealthy Affiliates which offers free training on how to build a web site. More on this later.

Presently some grade school and high schools are placing their lesson on books which are in tune with the current curriculum. Children are learning at a very young age the value of being computer literate. My 7 year old granddaughter spends lots of time on her iPad. She is so knowledgeable that she sometimes helps her grandmother with the grandmother’s computer programs.

Smart phones are nothing more than a hand held computer that can navigate the World Wide Web. They are going to eventually replace credit and debit cards. They are a tremendous avenue for presenting merchandise on the internet.

Now is the time for young people to learn internet marketing. I believe high school age and especially college age children should become familiar with selling on line. This is something that is not highly promoted in high school and is specialized in college. I have read some blogs where a college student is paying way through college with affiliate marketing.

Just within the last three years have I became interested in making money off the internet. I learned that affiliate marketing is child play which anyone master regardless of age. The learning curve is steep but for a young mind it should be a piece of cake.

What is beautiful about internet marketing is you do not have to stock merchandise. As an affiliate you promote items for sale by a business. There are a world of businesses which will pay you a commission to promote and sell their merchandise, be it manufactured items, books, computer programs or educational courses to just name a few.

If high schools and colleges are teaching computer science why would one need outside training? The reason you need training is to learn what to put on your web page to get traffic. Google controls the largest part of the web and decides what is relevant based on keywords and content.

Wealthy Affiliates offers a free program which teaches how to construct a web page that meets Google’s requirement for gaining interned traffic. Wealthy Affiliates is owned by Kyle and Carson who work closely with both free members and paid members.

To enter the best site I have found for scam free, honest internet training click on Wealthy Affiliates to access the free training – no credit card needed.

Retirement / Disability

For a free, scam free site where you can earn money on the internet click here.

I am a workaholic. And have experienced better than average success in life. However all of the money which I made talked. It said good-bye. I have never been on good terms with money, all I was interested in were airplanes, motorcycles, travel and spoiling my children.

Anyway, you probably get the picture. It never occurred to me that one day I might not be able to work in my chosen field – real estate and insurance. I had pretty much enjoyed good health all of my life and had never had a broken bone. Since I had not saved any money or made good investments I planned to work all of my life. It never occurred to me that I might be unable to work. I thought I was invincible. Well I am not.

When I was 81 years old I fell and broke my hip and as a result of the broken hip suffered a case of fungal meningitis. Long story but see “About Me” for a full description of what happened.

During my recovery it became obvious to me that I needed some work/income that did not include climbing stairs or walking fields.

So while I was in rehabilitation I had my son bring me a laptop computer and I started on my quest. What happened is I fell for one scam after another. I never realized how riff with get rich quick scams the internet was loaded with. I had virtually given up when I ran across Wealthy Affiliates. The name threw be a bit – I thought “Just another scam” because of the wealthy part. However, they had a free trial and I thought what do I have to loose.

As it turned out I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I found an honest business that is sincerely concerned about your success. Kyle and Carson, the business owners, have a “hands on” attitude about the business and offer training that is college level.

Their attitude carries over to the members of Wealthy Affiliates which is managed much like Facebook. All of the members are concerned about the success of the fellow members and freely share proven advice on how to succeed.

A caveat – a high percent of the people who attempt to make a living on the internet fail. The failure rate is high due to the shams that are rampart on the web and the hard work, knowledge and training that is required to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliates is not a scam and is definitely an oasis of knowledge. The training is there for you to take advantage of. You just have to be dedicated to learning the correct steps to success.

Take advantage of the free training today. It includes two web sites and the necessary training to make you an internet income earner. Sign up free and I will see you on the inside and help you anyway I can.

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