I have been a real estate broker and commercial appraiser for the last 40 years. During July 2012 I was appraising a farm that bordered on a large creek. I parked my car near the highway bridge that crossed the creek and walked about one fourth of a mile into the site where the owner had constructed a pier out into the creek. It was hot and I was tired and the pier had a bench on which I tried to take a seat. I don’t know how it happened but I fell and broke my hip. I could not walk and my phone was out of range.

I would crawl a few feet and try my cell phone.  Finally I got to a grassy area and I rolled over on my back and said “Dear Heavenly Father this is as far as I can go, my life is in your hands.” Then the cell phone rang. It was a single friend of mine who I had promised to introduce to my female barber who was also single. I told my friend what had happened and where I was and his response was “What the H did you say” and I said just call 911. It took them four hours to find me.

I had pretty much recovered from the broken hip when I contacted fungal meningitis.  I don’t remember anything about the meningitis except I woke up in the hospital and stayed there and in rehabilitation for three months. I had two doctors, one who diagnosed the meningitis and one who drilled a hole in my head and put in a tub to drain the floods off my brain to my stomach.  Both doctors said they were surprised that I lived. The only lasting effects that I have experienced is I have poor balance and must use a walker.

I always thought that airplanes and motorcycles were banks, so I am well beyond retirement age and need additional income. With the assistance of my youngest son, who is also an appraiser, I continue selling real estate and doing commercial appraisals and will do so until I die. I truly love what I do as it keeps me active and also gives me time to work on the internet. To learn how to create sites such as the one you are on click HERE.

I have an older son and his wife now run the real estate office so I devote my time to commercial real estate appraisals and creating an affiliate business.

If my age and disability interferes with my career, Wealthy Affiliates is my chance to support my family and be independent.  I firmly believe in alternative health programs and as part of my internet work I promote Dr. Al Sears and medical site.

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  1. Cora

    Ray, enjoyed reviewing your website! This sounds like an excellent way for you to continue to work as long as you want to!

    How do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

    I would appreciate your feedback!

    Thank you,


  2. zayy

    Nice to meet you.I don’t understand the Internet to make money.A lot of things. It’s hard to make money with your brain. Judging.I was originally a chef. I am also a farmer now.These days picking pomelo. Very hard and do not earn money.Also suffering from body aches.But I am very happy to meet you today. Achievements in order to make money.Also very happy. I can learn the proposal.

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